By The End Of 2017 Will India be Digital India?

According to the survey by experts by the end of 2017, India will have around 600 million internet users. These numbers of users will create big business opportunities to sell services.

Back at 2016. If we look back at 2016, India has warmly welcomed innovations in terms of new technology like Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Live Streaming and many more. Apart from all these technologies we have received great advancement like ubiquity of 4G and also the rise in Digital Payments. Do you know what is the hot update now?

Let’s have a look at upcoming trends

Social Consumer Engagement: Nowadays big or small, all brands have realized that to understand consumer behavior it is important to work on social insights. Getting into serious investments in technology to get better analytics is also one vital part of growing industries. To get more clicks and more sales one should also perform digital marketing.

Need for Digital Skills: All the digital enthusiastic people in India are now aware of the need for strong digital marketing to perform growth. In reference to this the demand for both outsourced and in sourced digital skills will grow continuously.

Higher Video viewership: According to the research, in India 55% of viewers have moved to smartphones and the number is still growing faster and faster. And also expected that more and more people are going to watch videos online than on television. With mobile broadband infrastructure with high speed and bandwidth, the mission of Digital India seems to be no far. The technology is growing at rapid speed. We are working online with the speed of 4G.

Consumer Technology Innovations: In the previous year, with the advancement of VR devices brands are inspired to create an amazing new virtual experience for customers. By the end of 2017 we will see an increased focus on VR & AR technologies moreover in the field of education and retail. IOT and connected devices are expected to drive innovation in smart cities, connected homes, healthcare, energy & utilities among others.

Businesses and new brands are welcoming digitalization like never before. And even have a huge need to evolve with consumer behavior on regular basis. As it is the time to grow rapidly with the current scenario.

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