Digital India: Free WiFi prooving a boon to villages!

Digital India is an innovation by the Government of India to connect the villagers and citizens with the whole world to impart knowledge about anything and everything.

Indian Government has tied up with Google to bring in low-cost broadband connectivity to 5 Lakh villages in India.
Low-cost broadband connectivity combined with the scale of cloud computing intelligence that could harness from data can help innovate the talent across governments and businesses.
This in turn, would benefit our country to buy products and services which are affordable enough and access to opportunity to across India.
Indian government has also tied up with Microsoft to provide us with cloud services which are operating out of India’s data centers.

India is the second most populated country and thus, it accounts for 300+ million internet users. According to this number, India’s internet users apparently exceed the population of the United States. The huge potential of internet connectivity is yet to be tapped in this developing nation. To release the potential, the technological peers like Facebook, Google, have initiated a lot of programs to bring scattered people on the internet through the affordable network.

Majority of India still lives in villages and so the topic of rural education in India is of extreme importance. Even though the number of rural students attending schools is rising, but students in fifth grade are not even able to read a second-grade text book and are not able to solve simple mathematical problems. Installing a tower with high-frequency devices in order to provide them Wi-Fi facilities may help them to have access to the world of knowledge further helping the villagers to keep a constant check of weather, knowledge about education, about the rights given to them by Government and also about the current status of the upcoming. The people in our villages do not understand the meaning and benefits of the virtual world. Hence, the free Wi-Fi set up can give them out of the world experience!