By The End Of 2017 Will India be Digital India?

According to the survey by experts by the end of 2017, India will have around 600 million internet users. These numbers of users will create big business opportunities to sell services. Back at 2016. If we look back at 2016, India has warmly welcomed innovations in terms of new technology like Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial … Continue reading By The End Of 2017 Will India be Digital India?




Do You Know!?

There are plenty of softwares in the market for website development. But do you know there 6 major methodologies available for software testing. Testing is the most important part of any software development. It is very essential to have a testing plan to ensure that the product delivered is stable and is delivered in a … Continue reading Do You Know!?




Creative Designer Studio in India

What creativity is in dearth of art? If ever questioned, the possible response would be- Nothing. Once Mr. Edgar Degas very conscientious said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”. The creative designers round the globe are seemed to be the archetype of their panorama who are pedantically handed-down at … Continue reading Creative Designer Studio in India