How a marketplace is raising the competition in the world of e-commerce?

E-commerce which has been around the globe since the 90’s generally means trading of the business via the internet. Though in recent years, the e-Commerce is booming more and more attention from Local and global entrepreneurs from every field and now have diverted a huge part of their focus on building e-Commerce portals. Everyone is familiar with the term e-commerce; you might have used your computer to sell an old phone? If so then you’ve already taken part in electronic commerce also known as e-commerce, which is just the online movement of buying and selling goods, services, and information, by the use of Internet.

It is now the time that we can say E-commerce is the base for business and is thus, playing a vital role in the Commercial market now a days. If you are a businessman then you know the worth of online store and market. Competition is really steep and expectations are far above the ground.

So, why the E-commerce is very important for business? All you will get to know about this below.

Revenue Generation

E-Commerce is now believed as money- making industry. There are various ways that the e-Commerce provides to the businesses to generate revenue such as affiliated partnerships, commissions, featured listings, advertisements, sponsor e-mails and lot more.

Avoid Losing Customers

We are living in a world where in just few seconds we can book tickets to enjoy a movie with friends. So if the business does not move according to the new world, then it will definitely lose its customers. For example, suppose a shoe retailer has been in the business for many years and if now he does not upgrade his technology to hold the customers of today, he will be in trouble. So rather than fearing to lose the customers, business should adapt to the digital transactions and e-Commerce websites.

Attract the New-Gen Customers

The change in time brings the change in the attitude of shoppers. They have now become more brand conscious and quickly adapt to new technologies and accept new products. To reach such products, e-Commerce platform is the best option for the business and the customers.


By Using E-Commerce, Business can expand their market to national and international markets by less capital investment, Because of which business can easily gather more customers, best suppliers and proper business partners worldwide.

Less cost

E-Commerce also assists business to lessen the cost so as to create a process, distribute it, recover and manage the paper-based information by digitizing the information.

Some of the new recent trends in e-commerce are emerging in the marketplace which is giving the business a tough competition.

Commerce Taps into The World of Social Media

For long term goals, by engaging in social media presence can increase their company profile and bring traffic and sales. A good social media strategy matches well with a good e-commerce site that helps to build connections with buyers.  For example, Axiom Telecom takes its social media existence seriously, with a YouTube channel filled with useful videos.

Linking with Local Marketplaces

To get linked with big marketplaces is a bit tricky for local brands so as to achieve particular business goals. However, local brands should focus on targeting the buyers of local market, still which is somewhat difficult to achieve when one join with sites such as eBay or Amazon. Thus, such local marketplaces are again increasing the competition in the e-Commerce industry.

Low Entry Cost

To enter the marketplace of e-Commerce, the entry barrier for brands is low. You need not required to design or develop a selling platform. You can already get an established one. You just need to put in is a little amount of listing fee and a percentage of every transaction that is to be paid to the shared selling platform. The costs incurred when you enroll your brand name with a marketplace is bit lower than other if you compare with the creation of a separate selling platform Such reduction of cost is raising the level of competition in the world of e-Commerce.

At the end, the Presence of E-commerce as a pioneer has opened up various opportunities for a several of other companies and investors. Due to the booming of E-commerce much more resources are being headed into internet facilities, business plans, electronic securities, and new technologies. Though, a diversity of new markets has emerged from E-commerce segment itself giving a boost in the marketplace.