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About Corporate Social Responsibilities


Feed the Children

Feeding a child is one of the most effective, inspiring and rewarding ways to help children. And it is a child's chance for a bright tomorrow starts with getting enough healthy food that they get to eat today.


Contribution for Child Education

You need not have abundant surplus income to donate and remove inequality. All you need, is a sense of responsibility to donate whatever you can, to help bring significant and serious change.

By leveraging the Government's existing investment in school, Educate Girls presently works in remote, rural and tribal regions of India with a three-prong focus - increase enrolment of out-of-school girls, increase their retention and improve learning outcomes of all children.


Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship is one of the best ways to give children better lives and futures. You will be doing much more than helping to meet children's basic needs - you will be helping to equip them for life. By bringing about lasting change, you'll also be improving the lives of many other vulnerable children.


Educating The Girl Child

We completely support such NGOs who are taking initiatives for Girl Child Education. We are contributing by providing the technological solutions like E-learning based applications. Educate Girls' focus is on mobilizing communities for girls' education. Strongly aligned with the 'Right to Education' Act, Educate Girls is committed to the Government's vision to improve access to primary education for all children, especially young girls.