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About Retail Technologies

Building a new Era of Retail

The socially-connected consumer is the driving force in the online and digital marketplace. Retailers must constantly reinvent themselves to stay in business.

Retail IT Solutions that Attracted 3 Million Customers and Helped to Manage 1 Million Brands

Retailers can harness technologies such as mobile, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality and more along with process reengineering innovations such as lean logistics to benefit from paradigm-shifting business transformations that can put those leagues ahead of competition.


GPS for indoors that facilitates customized real-time micro-location and personalized offerings to shoppers through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons, supported by major smartphone devices.

  • Beacons can be used for:
  • Earning and Redeeming loyalty points
  • Real-time Promotional Discounts and Offers
  • Retail IT Services and offline payments
  • Location-based personalized Notifications

Google Glass and HoloLens

We have integrated Google Glass and wearable technology solutions for personalized shopping experiences. Have also developed HoloLens solutions for entertainment, retail, interior designing and gaming industries by embracing Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR).


We support 'go-green' initiatives and have helped our retail customers who wish to follow this concept by developing a mobile application. Retail owners can save energy by managing their electrical applications smartly using this mobile application, which provides electric consumption statistics, cost calculations, analytics, and more

Virtual Wardrobe

Virtual Wardrobe helps customers to order items without spending additional time on shopping. Highly populated areas such as bus-stops, railway stations and other places dense with pedestrians are the best places to use Virtual Wardrobes.

Our software for retail include virtual display, mobile application and POS system. Using our virtual display, customers can scan relevant barcode or QR code with mobile app to order different products


  • M-wallet solutions for retailers to manage and monitor payments by following financial regulations. Our M-wallet solutions include:
  • Cloud-based mobile payments
  • Contactless NFC based payments
  • Audio-signal based payment
  • Mobile web payments (WAP)
  • QR code payments

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