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IT Solutions for Construction Industry

Vethics create technology solutions for the construction industry Support on Developing new Web and Mobile applications and tools that are Revamping how companies design, plan and execute Large projects.

We are Developing sophisticated IT solutions and services for Construction and Real Estate companies.

We are experienced in providing IT related and development services for the construction industry. Our company has already helped some of our clients implement ERP and accounting solutions. We develop smart systems and platforms for project management, estimations, and documents management.

Our Services

Portal Services

We develop smart and feature-rich solutions for construction planning and design. Implement concept in the real building with Vethics solutions.

Job Costing / Estimation

The construction industry is rather complicated. It requires complex calculations and estimations of time, cost, and efforts. We do create such solutions that can do those things in one place.

IT Infrastructure

We setup an infrastructure in optimum cost and efficient plan of networking with WAN and LAN Functionality.

Could DMS

Document Management System is for the construction industry-giving the ability to store and access files, print from mobile devices, reduce hardware costs, and more

Business Process Management

We build sophisticated BPM systems that help companies manage all business process and adapt them to changes.

Warehouse management

We develop any additional modules our customers require. Budget planning module is one of the most important things a construction company should have for accurate calculations.

Solutions for Construction

Contract Management System

Both party can view and sign any deal or contractor paper online using E-Sign.

Material Procurement System

MPS is an IT system that supports all processes in the purchasing environment of your Company.

Construction Management Software

Project management System

A cloud based system Coordinate projects, plan, track time and resources, manage diverse teams with custom-designed solutions.

Human Resource Management

In construction, HRM is primarily concerned with ensuring that a project has sufficient human resources, with the correct skill-sets and experience

Integration with 3rd Party API/Software


Payment Gateways

Encrypted Chat Tool integration

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