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7 things you must know about iBeacon technology

7 things you must know about iBeacon technology


7 things you must know about iBeacon technology

Features about iBeacon that a person should know before using it. The basic things such as how it works, what’s the battery life, and also about its future scope. In this article you will come to know some interesting facts about iBeacons.

  1. iBeacon and BLE Beacon are disparate

 A BLE Beacon is a type of hardware that you can install. These are devices that transmit a uni-directional Bluetooth signal. iBeacon is a smart technology created by Apple, which can be paired with any apple devices to find the location and hence can be used as the best tracker for some important utilities.

     2.  What do you actually mean by iBeacon Technology ?

          iBeacons or Beacons are petite transmitting gadgets delivering minute packets of pertinent data by using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mechanism. It naturally associates with the close by devices working on the upgraded iOS 7 version or above. Rather than sending notifications on the smartphones, these gadgets send marketing packets that can promote business and attract the required customers. Once to its closeness, you require an application to discern the specific beacon and get the message through it. It is overseen through a server-side application that continuously upgrades and updates the data. Beacons do not convey through the internet. While using Bluetooth connectivity they can communicate with mobile applications to transmit data you require for enhancing the travel experiences.


3. What's battery life ?

             Beacons are independent gadgets that depend on batteries. Beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy as the standard with a restricted signal, you can depend on the batteries to keep going quite a while for at least 2 years.

4. Does the app need to be active on the screen in order to pick up signals ?

                 The client needs to launch the application at the beginning and must have Bluetooth ON for the iBeacon to get connected. The application can consequently, run in the background, without requiring it to be continuously on. And when your mobile comes in the range of respective beacon, the application can get a beacon’s signal and reclaim appropriate information while running in the background.

5. How do Beacons work ?

                    The beacon gadget itself is unbelievably straightforward. Every gadget contains a CPU, radio, and batteries, and it works by repeatedly radiating out an identifier. The identifier is picked up by your gadgets, usually a smartphone, and checks out an important place in your environment.


6. The future of Beacons in Marketing

               The range of beacon technology in proximity marketing and location-based technology is wide. As information gathering devices, beacons offer Google an opportunity to better grasp businesses that utilize the services and also the clients themselves, so as to improve their logic and algorithms to get more handsome profit. The supply chain industry may find the huge benefits by improved location-based technology. Bluetooth Low-Energy beacons can be utilized for increasing precise asset tracking, especially in case of indoor navigation. The spotlight may be first kept on the retail business, however as the innovation develops, we can anticipate that different divisions or industries can bring some innovation in use of beacon to help in their everyday exercises.


7. Do iBeacons Steal your data?

 An iBeacon isn't fit for seeing some other gadgets around itself. They can't see gadgets, in this way they don't interface with them. They don't take any information off the gadget. They just act as a one-directional message sending device.