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How beacons can be used for Home Automation?

How beacons can be used for Home Automation?


How beacons can be used for Home Automation?

Beacons can be used for home automation to give users personalized experience such as switching on lights, AC, etc. Also, playing their favorite soundtracks or TV series channel. 

Through IOT Technology implementation in Home Automation we can notify owner lights are still ON, when they leave home, making it ‘intelligent & smart’. Once beacon is installed and set in your home, beacons communicate with your smart devices and set off proper applications dependent on your location.

    Beacons can empower any gadget at your home contingent upon your location. You can set your own guidelines for the sort of warnings you would need to get from different BLE beacons, directly from entertainment devices to security cameras. For instance, you could utilize beacons to send you an update, when you are out of milk in the fridge, when you enter the kitchen.

  Beacons are reasonably lightweight BLE transmitters that can turn a 'basic' home into a 'smart' home. These little remote gadgets give you comfort living at minimal cost by not utilizing any expensive installation. Also, utilizing beacons for Home Automation permits you to lessen power utilization which prompts successful cost-cutting in electric bills. You can either set up beacons to naturally turn off gadgets in your room when you leave the room or send you an update in the event that you neglected to turn them off. Most electronics companies are now busy launching new products that are iBeacon technology friendly. Philips Hue remote lighting range is one such model.

    Beacons permit you to smoothly scan your home and control the entry locks, in this manner making your home burglar-proof. Beacons grant you to consequently bolt the entry when you are going out or open them when you are moving toward the entrance. Temperature ascending in the house can also be checked by using thermostats. A component like this can caution you about smoke or fire in the house. Plus, beacons can also help recognize the existence of other people in the home.

  iBeacon innovation analyzes client personal behaviour, similar to most loved music type, preferred light setting, most seen tv channels, preferred AC temperature, and many more, to give you an exhaustive solace living experience. Home Automation through beacons additionally permits you to assign particular task to specific BLE devices at a particular time according to your desire.