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Most Trending Application build using iBeacon technology

Most Trending Application build using iBeacon technology


Most Trending Application build using iBeacon technology

Asset tracking app is used to find things and track not only personal things inside your home but also can be widely used for the manufacturing units inside factories to find their essential equipment or inventories. This application will allow you to track the assets connected with beacon devices.

The most trending app built using iBeacon technology is ‘Asset Tracking App’ developed by Vethics. This application allows you to track the assets which are equipped with the beacon devices.

This app will totally transform your home into “smart home” where you can communicate with your every-day stuff or utility. In simple words you can find things inside your home with an economical budget as well as limited resources. You just need to attach it with beacon and later pair it with your phone for one-time. And once it’s done, you can simply track the same.

You can easily track your regular assets inside your home. And you will realize its worth for sure when you are getting late for an important meeting and you can’t find your vehicle’s key or wallet. Here, beacon will release your tension and provide you ease to find the assets.


Think about the things like your Medical Kit, Remotes, Important Keys, Sports Kit which sometimes is not easier to find inside the house area. Here, in this situation you can use this app to find its location.

iBeacon is very easy to configure, suppose if you have configured it with your smart device then just attach it with your asset you want to track & add its details on Asset Tracking App. After completing this simple process, you can track your asset immediately whenever and wherever required.

By this application, it's even easier if you want to track it from multiple devices.

Major advantages of this asset tracking app is that it will show you real time interactive tracking. So you will get more ideas even if you do not have any technical knowledge.

In this Application there is already some predefined assets installed which you can directly pair by adding the relevant ID of the beacon that you are using. So later, you can start track any particular asset.

Areas where it can be used along with Beacons are :

-        Find keys

-        Find medical kit

-        Find TV remote

-        Find vehicle in a parking area

-        Find location of your pet